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Canadian Landscape Paintings by Roger D. Arndt – Captivated by Canada

Canadian landscapes paintings as crafted by internationally acclaimed Canadian artist, Roger D. Arndt. These are the landscapes of the Canadian West rendered using oil paints on prepared panel, one glass-like layer at a time. A process allowing light to travel through, reaching the surface and lighting these lovingly crafted paintings from within, creating a luminescent dance of colour and light. Come discover representational paintings of the Alberta Rocky Mountains, West Coast forest floors, glacier fed emerald lakes, cascading waterfalls, and life in the Canadian wilderness. From lush British Columbia orchards to romantic park gardens, allow Arndt’s paintings of the Canadian West take you on a journey, without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair.

Corporate Art

Corporate gifts of original Canadian art make a lasting impression.  You too can bring the luminous and representational landscapes of the Canadian wilderness into your boardroom, your corporate lobby, your office, and even as a gift to a supplier.

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Commissions offer the opportunity to create something uniquely tailored to each client’s taste.  A commissioned painting is a timeless and personalized gift unlike any other you could ever give, or receive. The final result is a work of art combing your vision with the artist’s creative language and style.

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Available Paintings


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Come Take a Journey

To a peaceful alpine lake
a whispering forest...
Great monuments that tower above
sheltering all that is wonderful below.

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